“#07- Delirium"- Hallucination Collection- Ultra Fine


“#07- Delirium"- Hallucination Collection- Ultra Fine

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WARNING: This glitter collection is the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SPARKLE that IPP has to offer. 
This ultra fine cut of 1/128 can give the illusion of clumps in the shaker, simply shake the bottle and watch the bunched glitter of the finer cut disappear. 

  • Sold by VOLUME in our standard 80ml sized shakers. 
  • ULTRA FINE 1/128  TOP GRADE Polyester Glitter.

OPAL PALACE is our IPP most requested color! And this entire “PALACE” series is inspired by that color and shine!

Glitter can settle in transit. When emptying your shaker and placing it back into the bottle, you will have a full bottle ♥️

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